Chroot Jail Part 3

Recently I decided my dev DigitalOcean instance needed a boost. Normally 512mb is sufficient for production but I want to develop remotely.

I opted for a temporary resize to 1gb of RAM.

I also learned that my attempts to bind /dev/urandom and /dev/tty in /etc/fstab were failing miserably. I had to use DigitalOcean’s VNC connection and manually try to figure things out.

Remember how often I hit Ctrl-W and closed the tab still raises my blood pressure.

I ended up using /etc/rc.local to run


$ sudo mount --bind /dev/urandom /jailthing/urandom
$ sudo mount --bind /dev/tty /jailthing/tty

And it worked like a charm!

No more VNC to setup my convoluted login scheme anymore!


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